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In our years of experience, we have found that our customers prefer an accurate price based on their exact electrical issue. Most phone quotes are subject to change once the technician sees the job. We don't think that is fair to you. By allowing us to diagnose the problem on site in person, you will know exactly what it will cost to get the job done before we begin work. Call Milestone Services today for a quote on all of your electrical repair needs - 087 257 7490 .
Milestone Services provides you with a quote to complete the work at no charge. We must look at each fuse board location to provide this quote as there are many variables that must be taken into account. Things like panel location, how many circuits, what type of circuit, mains cable length, and, most importantly, the decision to repair or completely replace the fuse board are important pieces of information we must find out before we begin a job. To provide an accurate quote without this information is impossible.
CER (the energy regulator) states that any domestic electrical works are ‘RESTRICTED ELECTRICAL WORKS ‘ Restricted Electrical Works under the 2006 Act are defined as electrical work that can only be carried out and must be certified by a Registered Electrical Contractor. Restricted Electrical Works encompass electrical work in a domestic premise. For the complete definition see Appendix 1. From 1st of October 2013 anyone wishing to carry out Restricted Electrical Works must be registered under the Safe Electric scheme. Parties that carry out Restricted Electrical Works, but are not registered with an SSB, will be subject to prosecution This is designed to protect the safety of individuals and property in domestic premises, where statistics reported by fire authorities for the years 2000 to 2006 indicate that electrical installation faults are the cause of approximately 8 fires per week in Ireland.
No problem we can fit a complete alarm including a mobile app that will allow you set and unset your alarm from anywhere in the world, all without any cables showing.
The quickest and easiest way to save energy in any building is by making sure your systems is as efficient as possible. There are many options available to make your lighting more efficient, from retrofitting existing fluorescent fixtures, to replacing old fixtures with new energy efficient LED solutions. Heating and insulation are always important to assess in energy audits and don’t forget computers and monitors. If you work 39 hrs per week that is approx. 1800 per year and switch off your computer, monitor and printer when your not in the office THIS WOULD SAVE 7000 hrs of standby power, reduce the risk of fire, reduce heat and reduce energy usage. Milestone Services after a full survey can give you the right information and solution on energy audits.
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